The seed starter

The best seed starter

Spring is coming!  The temperature outside in New Hampshire today is in the single digits. What better day to start a garden!  Over my years of gardening, I have developed the best seed starter system.  I design and build these myself in my workshop.  I want to share why I think I have the best seed starter.  I look forward to your feedback too.

The seed starter

The Basic needs of starting seeds

If you think of seeds as potential little plants then meeting their needs is simple.   Like any full-size plant, seeds need:

  • light
  • heat
  • air
  • a medium to support the growth
  • water


Lights in the seed starter

The problem with many grow light systems and grow light bars is they are not very hard to set up.  I have found that a traditional florescent light bar to be hard to install in a way in which I can adjust easily as my plant grows.  I have used chains, ropes, and clips over the years but nothing seemed to be what I needed.

lights for seed starter

The seed starter has a very easy-to-use and adjusts system.  It uses a simple steel rail combined with rare earth magnets.  The magnets are so strong they ensure that your light stays exactly where you need it.  However, the bar slides up or down the steel with ease when you move it.


Red Blue lights

The seed starter uses high output LED red blue lights.

For the science geeks, the light specs are:

The blue wavelength of 440nm -460 nm.  This helps to enhance the chloroplast’s activity to promote photosynthesis.

The red wavelength of 630nm – 660nm.  The red wavelength will help promote germination.

The ratio is 4 red to 1 blue or 240 red LED to 60 blue LEDs


Self-heated seed starter

Many gardeners use a standard heat mat.  These mats have been around for years.  Their job is to provide heat to the soil.  Warm soil will promote seed germination.  Most seeds need a soil temp of between 70 degrees and 80 degrees F to germinate.

The seed starter has a built-in heating element that heats to +- 85 degrees F.  This will transfer to the soil, keeping it at the optimal mid to high 70-degree F range.

The built-in heated base of the seed started is much easier to use than a traditional heat mat.  There is nothing to find, clean, or set up.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips.  Simple plug-in the base and the rest is automatic!

seed starter

The greenhouse cover for warm air

The built-in heating element to heat the soil is also used to keep the air around your seedlings warm.  Included with the seed starter is a plastic cover. But not just ordinary plastic.

Most gardeners that have to use the seed trays that include a plastic cover know that the cover will collect condensation.  These water droplets will then either drop onto your seedlings making controlling watering harder or drip all over you and your table when you open the cover!

plastic cover

The plastic tent comes with the seed starter is made from non-drip professional greenhouse plastic.  This is high quality 6 mil greenhouse film.  It is durable to last for years.  And most importantly it will keep the warmth in while not building up water.

Attractive enough to have in your livings space.

I have always believed that your garden should be part of your living space.  I don’t like hiding my plants and seedlings away in a basement or other out-of-the-way space.  Your garden, including your seedlings, should be a beautiful part of your space!

With that in mind, I have made the seed starter an attractive combination of wood and metal.  The wood is finished with a Dutch oil that will continue to become richer looking over time while repelling water from your plants.

I hope this has helped you see the design logic behind what I think is the best seed starter you can buy.  Please let your comments or thoughts.  And please visit my store to get your own seed starter.  Thanks much

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