the best hanging plants for beginners

The best hanging plants for beginners

Hanging plants are a great addition to any home.   They can be a space saver.  If you don’t have lots of extra floors or shelf space you can hang a plant instead.  However, if you are new at growing plants hanging plants can be intimidating.  So what are the best hanging plants for beginners?

the best hanging plants for beginners

Hanging plants that are best for beginners that do well in the morning sun

What does morning sun mean?

Morning sun refers to strong sunlight but without a lot of heat generated from the afternoon sun.  If you are a beginner you might think that you need sunlight all day but that is not the case.

An east-facing window can be plenty of light for a lot of plants.  This can be true for the reverse.  If you have a west-facing window that only gets late afternoon sun these plants can work there too.

My list of the best hanging plants for beginners who have only morning light

Pansies and violets

best hanging plants for beginners

Pansies and violets are a nice and rewarding hanging plant for beginners because they will give you colorful flowers for months.  There are lots of different varieties and colors of flowers available.  Just pick your favorite color.

Plant your Pansies and violets in a pot that is 8″-12″ deep.  This will give the roots plenty of room to grow. The soil should be rich with lots of organic matter.  These plants like moist soil but not too wet so use well-draining potting soil.

You should water every day or two with small amounts rather than less frequently with more water.  Fertilize your plants 2 times a year with a fertilizer for flowering plants.  This will keep them healthy and ensure lots of pretty flowers.


hanging plants

These are special because they are one of the few plants that have blue flowers.   Lobelia grows very well in hanging pots.  They will spill over the sides with hundreds of little blue flowers.

You will want to deadhead the plant regularly to keep it neat-looking and encourage new growth.  If you are a beginner don’t let deadheading worry you.  Simply pinch off any dead flowers using your thumb and forefinger.



best hanging plants for beginners

If you are a beginner you may not think of strawberries but they make wonderful hanging plants.  Plus as a bonus, you can eat some tasty berries.

Plant in strawberry plant in a small pot.  A 6′ will be fine.  Or use a larger pot, 12″+, and put a few plants together.  It is a good idea to add some general-purpose fertilizer in easy spring before the flowers form.  This will help make sure you have a nice harvest of berries.  One strawberry plant can grow a quart of berries.


What is direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight is a space that you can put a hanging plant like a south-facing window that gets around 8 hours of sun a day.  Direct sunlight is typically a space that gets a lot of heat generated from the sunlight coming in the window.  So any full sun plant is normally heat tolerant and often drought tolerant.

My favorite easy to grow hanging plants with direct sunlight


hanging Ivy

There are a few popular kinds of ivy to grow indoors

  • English Ivy
  • Irish Ivy
  • Japanese Ivy
  • Algerian Ivy
  • Persian Ivy
  • Nepal Ivy
  • Russian Ivy

These can be the best hanging plants for beginners to grow.  They are tolerant of soil types, watering, and temperature.  You just need to make sure that you grow them in a bright sunny spot.


Diascia hanging

Diascia comes in several lovely colors.  They will give hundreds of beautiful small flowers.  These are easy to grow if you keep them in full sun but in a cooler area.


best hanging plants

Verbena is a unique flowering plant for a hanging basket because the flower grows in little bunches.  They are super easy to grow in full light if you keep the soil moist.  When they are grown in the shade they will still flower but the plants will get leggy reaching for the brightest light


What does low light or shade mean?

Low light plants are just what they sound like, plants that do well with no direct sunlight.  These plants do well in spaces that have only indirect sunlight.  A good measure of this is if you can read a book in the amount of light in space then it will work for these plants.

The best hanging plants for beginners that need low light


Nasturtium hanging

Nasturtium is a nice plant for beginners.  It will flower even in low light.  The plant will cascade in a hanging pot.  It will even give off more flowers if the soil is poor!

Spider plants

best hanging plants for beginners

I think just about everyone has seen spider plants hanging in a home somewhere.  They are easy to grow.  Spider plants don’t need much light, water, or fertilizer. A perfect start for a beginner!



Pothos is one of the easiest hanging plants for beginners to grow.  It grows fast, sometimes a foot or more a month.  It has lovely heart-shaped leaves that are green with white or yellow.  It will be a nice addition to any space even if it’s not very sunny.  I hope this has helped you find the perfect hanging plant for your space even if you are a beginner.

Need A great hanging planter?

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