how to make a hanging plant

How to make a hanging plant holder

Hanging plants are a great addition to any indoor space.  It is easy to add plants to space without taking up limited floor or table space when you hang them.  But I hate to spend lots of money and hanging plant holders to be very expensive.  Since I am a person who likes to DIY things I wanted to find out how to make a hanging plant holder.

how to make a hanging plant holder

How to make a hanging plant holder with rope

I discovered this very simple and inexpensive way to make a hanging plant holder.  You don’t need to know how to do fancy macrame or other crafty things.   Follow these instructions to learn how to make a plant holder in just a few minutes with just a piece of rope.

What you will need to get started:

  • thin cotton rope or twine
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • a plant

That’s it!   You can add beads if you want to make them fancier.

How long should you make your hanging plant holder?

The best thing about hanging plants is that you can make it so that the plants can hang in any area and at any height.

This hanger doesn’t involve a lot of twists and turns that will take up a lot of rope. So you need to start by measuring the height that you want the plant to be.  Cut the rope to a length that is 3 1/2 times that measurement.    I.E. if you want your plant to hang 3 ft off the ceiling then cut your rope 7 1/2 ft long.

This is a general guide.  The measurement will vary depending on the size of the pot you are using.  If your pot is wide or deep then it will take up more rope and a skinny, small pot will need less rope.

The rope can be adjusted so the 3 1/2 times height is just a good place to start

how to make a hanging plant

What kind of rope to use for your hanger?

You can use any rope that is strong enough to hold your plants.  I have used colorful yarn for small cactus pots.  The yarn can be braided for a nice effect.

I like to use twine for a more natural or rustic look.  Twine comes in lots of sizes so it will be easy to find a size that is strong enough for your pots.

Cotton rope is always a great choice.  I like to use #7 cotton rope.  This size hits the perfect balance between size and strength.

What kind of pots can be used to hang plants?

You can hang any pot in the hangers as long as the hanger is made with strong enough rope.

Make sure you include a saucer with your pot.  You don’t want to water your plants and have the water drip onto the floor.  The best kind I have found is the kind that has saucers attached.  These saucers are typically attached nicely to the base so they will not slip while you are setting up your hanger.

How to attach the hanger to the ceiling?

There are a lot of ways to attach your hanging plant holder.  The most important thing to remember is that your planter will be holding a lot of weight even if your plant is small. There are lots of ceiling hooks on the market.

They will all work as long as you as attaching to something solid.  If you can not screw into a stud, beam, or another solid thing then make sure you use an anchor designed for your hook of choice.

Here is a how-to make my favorite simple hanging planter

I hope you try your own hanging planter. Here is my list of the best hanging plants for beginners.   Let me know how it works out!

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