how to grow carrots indoors

How to grow carrots indoors

Growing carrots indoors in containers is easier than you might think. Carrots are one of my favorite things to grow indoors. They are super easy and don’t take very long. Growing carrots indoors should be on everyone’s list of must grow.  So let’s find out how to grow carrots indoors.

how to grow carrots indoors

A fresh carrot from my garden tastes so much better than the ones I get in the market. So if you are not a fan of carrots, try homegrown, and Garden fresh carrots may turn you into a carrot lover.

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The days of the traditional orange carrots are long gone, and today there are many different sizes and colors of carrots.

Varieties of carrots: what works best in a container?

For people in the US, carrots of different colors might seem weird. However, most of the world has been eating yellow, purple, white, and red for a long time.

Different colors do have different nutrition values;

how to grow carrots indoors

The answer is yes! All carrots are healthy. However, color does matter.

Orange carrots are highest in beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant.

White carrots are high in fiber.

Yellow carrots have lutein which can protect your eyes

Purple carrots are being studied for their ability to treat inflammation and obesity by researchers at NCBI

Carrots are easy to grow in containers, no matter which variety you choose. The carrot will grow within the limits of the container.

The basics: what size container do you need to grow carrots?

how to grow carrots

Regardless of the variety, your pot needs to be deep. Remember that carrots grow down. The more depth, the bigger they can grow. Obviously, type and varieties determine the size potential.

Check the size of your favorite carrots. Make sure that your pot is at least a couple of inches deeper than the expected length of the carrots. Most carrots we’ll do well in a 12″ deep pot or planter.

You will need about 2″ of space all around your carrots. So if you are using a longer, narrower planter, make sure it is about 2″ wide and you place the carrots 2″ apart. If your planter is a round pot, it is good to place a seed within a 2″ circle. Put as many carrots in the pot as you can make circles without overlapping.

If you want to know more about how to pick the best-recycled containers for your carrots, check here.

Type of soil that works best for carrots

Since carrots are root vegetables, light loss soil is the best. It is good to take a nice high organic potting soil and mix it with sand, perlite, or coco fiber to keep it airy.

The key is to allow the carrots to grow easily through the soil.

Soil temperature should be above 70 degrees.

The PH level should be between 6.0 and 6.5

The best light for growing carrots

Carrots do best in full sun. If you don’t have a sunny window that gets at least 8 hours of full sun, you can supplement with a grow light.

I like to put some of my plants in a sunny window with a grow light that is on a timer to kick on when the window goes shady. That way, I am maximizing the sun and minimizing my electric bill.

Check out this link to find more about indoor grow lighting

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Water and fertilizer

It is important to keep your carrot soil moist but not wet. Make sure that the soil is well-drained. Remember that the soil is really the home of your vegetable, so make it a warm moist place, not dry or muddy!

Start with a good organic potting mixture. If you start with a good mixture, your carrots will not need to be fertilized.

Check out more about DIY organic fertilizer

How long from seed to harvest?

Seed to harvest will differ a bit with varieties.

Most germination will be in the 6-day range.

You will be able to harvest and enjoy in about 70 days

Fun facts about carrots

Are carrots perfect for your eyesight?

Well, yes, because as part of a healthy diet, carrots add good nutrients. However, they are not the way to perfect sight we grew up believing.

how to grow carrots

During WWII, the British Ministry of Food started a propaganda campaign to encourage people to eat locally available vegetables because of food shortages. The British were told that their Air Force pilots were so much better than the country’s pilots because they ate lots of carrots. The British Air Force did have an impressive record. So the myth that carrots give you great eyesight was born.

It turns out that the British Military was not just eating lots of carrots; they benefited from new top-secret radar technology!


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