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The seed starter

The best seed starter

Spring is coming!  The temperature outside in New Hampshire today is in the single digits. What better day to start a garden!  Over my years of gardening, I have developed the best seed starter system.  I design and build these myself in my workshop.  I want to share why I think I have the best…

grow green beans indoors

Grow Green Beans Indoors

I have been asked several times Can green beans be grown indoors?  The answer is Yes.  Green beans are a staple in most outdoor gardens.  They can be stable for your indoor garden too.  Let look closer at how to grow green beans indoors. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is…

how to grow carrots indoors

How to grow carrots indoors

Growing carrots indoors in containers is easier than you might think. Carrots are one of my favorite things to grow indoors. They are super easy and don’t take very long. Growing carrots indoors should be on everyone’s list of must grow.  So let’s find out how to grow carrots indoors. A fresh carrot from my…

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