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The Kratky system, also know as the non circulating system, is the easiest of the systems  If you ever put a cutting from plant in a glass of water until it grows roots, then you have seen the basics  Dr Kratky from the University of Hawaii figured out a way to keep plants growing healthy far beyond root starting Plant roots need air to be healthy and not rot. The Kratky method achieves this WITHOUT air stones or pumps. It is perfect for an off grid, no electricity situation  Dr Kratky discovered that if the plant is stationary above the...

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You decided you want to give Hydroponic growing a try.  Great! There are 3 hydroponic systems used in commercial growing that will work nicely in a scaled down home planter The Kratky method, also called non circulating, the NFS systems ( Nutrient film systems) and Dutch buckets. what they all have in common is that each allows for a method of delivering nutrients and air to your plants roots.   The choice of which system really just depends on what what type of plant you want to grow. When you understand the method it will be easy to see why...

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Hydroponic is the art and science of growing plants in water with nutrients.   And it is very easy to do! if you are an old soil gardener like myself you may find the concept of not needing soil weird   I know I did if you think about what a plant needs to be healthy you will realize that Hydroponic growing makes a lot of sense  All plants need: air, water, nutrients, light and warmth.  These things vary based on the type of plant of course  the thing I always found the hardest in my soil gardens was figuring...

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