What is the Kratky System and what it Grows best

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What is the Kratky System and what it Grows best

The Kratky system, also know as the non circulating system, is the easiest of the systems 

If you ever put a cutting from plant in a glass of water until it grows roots, then you have seen the basics 

Dr Kratky from the University of Hawaii figured out a way to keep plants growing healthy far beyond root starting

Plant roots need air to be healthy and not rot. The Kratky method achieves this WITHOUT air stones or pumps. It is perfect for an off grid, no electricity situation 

Dr Kratky discovered that if the plant is stationary above the water a warm moist pocket of air will be formed.  This air pocket supplies all the air the plant roots need.

The water solution is filled only when you first put you plant in   As the plants grow the air pocket increases and the water decreases.   

If all is done well, the water will run out just as the plants are ready to harvest!

This can truly be a set it up and forget it situation  

But I few words of advice from years of experience:

These systems are really great for lettuces and greens. Also many herbs will do well.  

This system is not good for any plants that are heavy feeder.  It is too hard to control the nutrient levels

Keep an eye on the temperature!!  The number one reason I have seen plant struggle is the water gets cold  The temp should be in the 72-76 degree F   If you need to keep the temp up, the easiest way is to buy a cheap fish tank heat   They work perfect for Hydroponics

Keep an eye on the PH  Again the easy and cheap way to test is with fish tank test strips   There are lots of ways to deal with high or low PH   I will do a whole video and blog about that 

Don’t forget proper lighting!

This is a great way to begin your Hydroponic indoor farm

Please keep an eye out for my DIY video so you can try it out with things you may all ready have at home

Thanks for reading 


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