Hydroponic, introduction to hydroponics -

What is Hydroponics? How easy is it? Benefits?

Hydroponic is the art and science of growing plants in water with nutrients.  

And it is very easy to do!

if you are an old soil gardener like myself you may find the concept of not needing soil weird   I know I did

if you think about what a plant needs to be healthy you will realize that Hydroponic growing makes a lot of sense 

All plants need: air, water, nutrients, light and warmth.  These things vary based on the type of plant of course 

the thing I always found the hardest in my soil gardens was figuring out how much to water and how much ( and what kind) of fertilizer to use

those things are so much easier with Hydroponics 

Some other benefits of Hydroponic growing include NO weeding !  Less prone to disease, much fewer pest issues

And the average plant will grow 30% bigger with Hydroponics!

So there are lots of questions to answer.  Like how to start,  how to transfer exciting plants, what nutrients to use etc

i will post answers to all the question I can think of


please let me know if you have any questions and I will answer right away

Thanks for reading Dorothy

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