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So it is Spring and you are facing the decision of not only what kinds of vegetables you want but also what kind of seeds.  It can be confusing and a bit overwhelming  Let break it down. GMO seeds are Genetically modified organisms.  That is seeds that have been created by scientists in a lab using genetic engineering techniques.  These type of seeds ( and foods) are becoming more controversial.  There are compelling arguments on both sides.  I will leave that for another day.   For now we are just discussing what the term means.  Scientists in a lab are...

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Dutch buckets are a great way to grow large vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, any kind of squash etc. Dutch buckets systems are very similar to a traditional drip irrigation system used by most nurseries.  The big difference is the with traditional systems the water/nutrients drip into a soil pot. Anything that is not used by the plant is then lost into the ground in a Dutch bucket or hydroponic drip system all the unused water/nutrients flows through the grow medium back into the water/nutrient reservoir to then be reused This reusing, no waste, aspect is one reason Hydroponic growing...

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