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Hydroponic growing mediums have; support the main stem, helps or does not hinder the root system from getting water, nutrients and air. Most anything that does that can make a good medium.  The most traditional and often used in Hydroponics are: Rock wool   Rock Wool is made from rock that is heated, spun cotton candy...into strands then formed into cubes Used in a net cup to support the plant in most systems.  Not useful in flood systems since the rockwool tends to retain too much water It is easy to use for starting seeds.  When the tap root...

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The Nutrient film technique or Nutrient film system is the most widely used systems.  These systems are perfect for growing all greens, herbs and smaller vegetables and fruits like peppers and strawberries  Commercial farms are have been using NFT systems to produce an ever increasing percentage of the world’s food needs. More and more indoor farms have been opening across the country NFT systems are also widely used in home gardens both by do it yourself and systems available thru retail so what is NFT Hydroponics? In all versions of this technology the plant is grown in net cups which...

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You decided you want to give Hydroponic growing a try.  Great! There are 3 hydroponic systems used in commercial growing that will work nicely in a scaled down home planter The Kratky method, also called non circulating, the NFS systems ( Nutrient film systems) and Dutch buckets. what they all have in common is that each allows for a method of delivering nutrients and air to your plants roots.   The choice of which system really just depends on what what type of plant you want to grow. When you understand the method it will be easy to see why...

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