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So it is Spring and you are facing the decision of not only what kinds of vegetables you want but also what kind of seeds.  It can be confusing and a bit overwhelming  Let break it down. GMO seeds are Genetically modified organisms.  That is seeds that have been created by scientists in a lab using genetic engineering techniques.  These type of seeds ( and foods) are becoming more controversial.  There are compelling arguments on both sides.  I will leave that for another day.   For now we are just discussing what the term means.  Scientists in a lab are...

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Hydroponic growing mediums have; support the main stem, helps or does not hinder the root system from getting water, nutrients and air. Most anything that does that can make a good medium.  The most traditional and often used in Hydroponics are: Rock wool   Rock Wool is made from rock that is heated, spun cotton candy...into strands then formed into cubes Used in a net cup to support the plant in most systems.  Not useful in flood systems since the rockwool tends to retain too much water It is easy to use for starting seeds.  When the tap root...

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The Kratky system, also know as the non circulating system, is the easiest of the systems  If you ever put a cutting from plant in a glass of water until it grows roots, then you have seen the basics  Dr Kratky from the University of Hawaii figured out a way to keep plants growing healthy far beyond root starting Plant roots need air to be healthy and not rot. The Kratky method achieves this WITHOUT air stones or pumps. It is perfect for an off grid, no electricity situation  Dr Kratky discovered that if the plant is stationary above the...

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